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The Female Gaze-Online Print Sale to help women in need
brigitte grignet
May 14, 2020
In light of the current COVID-crisis, many invisible struggles such as poverty, gender inequality and psychological insecurities are still going on. These often lead to domestic and/or sexual violence and exploitation in all forms. There is a need for safe spaces where women can go in case of emergency. Over the last couple of months the demand has increased exponentially. Several charities in the Benelux are trying to help these women. Most don’t have enough funding to keep up with the growing demand.

That is why we present The Female Gaze: an online print sale with 58 (self-identifying) female photographers, including Bieke Depoorter, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Brigitte Grignet and Sanne De Wilde.
All proceeds will be divided between organizations Ne(s)t vzw (VL), Garance (WAL) and Moviera (NL).

Initiator Ans Brys: “Whilst we as photographers are often privileged and given access to the
most wonderful back rooms and communities, now is the time to support the women behind
those facades.”

On Thursday May 14th the website was launched. You can buy the prints there for €125. The images (A4 size) will be numbered in a limited edition of 5 on Canon Luster Photo Paper. The print sale ends on June 14.

You can follow the project on
Instagram (
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The Female Gaze is a unique chance to buy high quality artworks for a low price and a great
way to help women in need.

the female gaze - print sale
A one-time only print sale by over 50 photographers (BE & NL) in support of other women during the COVID-19 crisis. Made possible with the support of Canon.

Brigitte Grignet

Brigitte Grignet is a Belgian photographer focusing in a more personal type of documentary photography.
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